The Purpose of the Chapter:

To promote the Safety Officers Profession in the workplace health and safety and to provide support and encouragement to those responsible for managing and or promoting workplace safety i.e. Safety Officers.

Knowing where your Safety Officers are on the ladder helps contextualise their learning activities to match their needs.

What Exactly is the ISO?

The Institute of Safety Officers (ISO) is a registered Safety Officers organisation currently registered in South Africa; operating from our Durban offices and aims to provide specialized outcomes based accredited Safety Officers Training Courses and whole qualifications and modules.  Our courses are currently being assessed by the relevant Seta’s. 

We provide “Applied Competency” Safety Training to General Assistants/ Semi-Skilled and Skilled Artisans/ Operators on 60% practical; 20% theory; 20% oral safety training rather than some other theory based courses. We specialise in declaring employees competent by virtue of their skills; knowledge; training and transforming of skills between employees; we also conduct assessments and moderation of employee tests and guides; by providing accreditation to all those who meets these requirements.

We aim to be the Governing Body for all Safety Officers thereby generating world class safety standards; Morals; Codes of Conduct and Ethics. 

The ISO reaches out to all Safety Officers national and worldwide to communicate with one another and share their ideas; also publish their articles; reports; lessons learnt from incidents through our website. 

How the ISO Can Help You:

  • We provide “Applied Competency” Practical Safety Training Courses for all learners and beginners (Assistants/ Employees)
  • Provide support, encouragement, advice and assistance to all Safety Officers.
  • Provide and or support forums for the acquisition and interchange of professional knowledge amongst members.
  • Foster liaison between businesses and the Occupational Health and Safety Industry
  • Inaugurate and implement other programs that are consistent with the purpose of the chapter and the aims of ISO.

What You’ll Receive as an ISO Member:

  • An Official certificate of membership (suitable for framing)
  • Access to the Members Only area of the ISO website. You’ll have access to a wide variety of safety related data that will assist you in research, development of training programs, safety presentation, and other activities. New materials and data are added to this area regularly
  • Free listing in the ISO Register – list your name, address, and areas of specialization.
  • The ISO News Publication, “The Safety Officer” which is designed to provide an accurate and concise appraisal of current safety issues in a quick, concise, and ready to use format for the busy safety director/manager. ( Still under construction and Implementation)
  • Resume reference: Any member may list the ISO as a professional reference on resumes and applications. (If desire this service please submit a resume to the ISO Staff will then verify the resume and provide third party (References) validation of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of the member when called upon by a potential employer).
  • The opportunity to be a part of the progressive world-wide Safety Association.
  • Opportunity to attend regional ISO conferences.
  • Access to quality independent study courses which have been reviewed and approved by the ISO Executive Board of Members. (Still under construction and implementation).
  • Access to quality and affordable comprehensive training PDF docs, planning, and assessment materials/aids that have been reviewed by the ISO.
  • Access to the Job Search page on the website to assist members seeking employment opportunities.
  • An opportunity for like minded safety professionals to gain a powerful voice, by weight of numbers, in the promulgation of safety regulations, and in developing new and innovative methods of ensuring workplace safety.
  • Discounts on safety products offered by vendors to ISO members.
  • Information available in a quick, concise and ready to use format for the busy Safety Manager/ Officer etc.

Who Can Become a Member?

Anyone who meets the qualification criteria; admission guidelines; payment of annual fees; can become a member. This makes it easier for individuals who is currently engaged/ employed in the field of Occupational Health and Safety fields and who are able to demonstrate the highest level of safety professionalism.

This enrolment membership process was structured and developed with the aim to promote the interests of Safety Officers and individuals pursuing into studying Occupational Health and Safety and progressing up the ladder from one grade to another via their individual courses/studies; diplomas; and degrees.

We do not discriminate between race; colour; ethnic origins; disability and gender. We openly promote our membership to all who has a genuine interest or who can make a sincere contribution to the field of Occupational Health and Safety.  

Membership can be converted from grade to another via our conversion process. 

To become a Member of the Institute of Safety Officers (12 months); Please see our structured Membership Fee.