As a member of the Association of Institute of Safety Officers I commit my organisation and myself to comply with the following Codes of Practice:

  To provide our clients/ partners and learners with the highest possible level of service in respect of education, training and development of safety officers and general assistants.
  Abide by all laws and conventions regarding copyrights, intellectual property, sources and promotional material.
  Members can display their certificates; frames at their workplace with pride. Keep their membership valid for the period stipulated.

Refrain from publishing or advertising anything that is, or may be construed to be, misrepresentative with regard to: Recognition or accreditation of courses, assessment of learners; qualifications or our members etc.

  Recognise and Respect the rights and dignities of other fellow members and membership associations.
  Refrain from exploitation of the learners and members to canvass or solicit business on our behalf.
  Refrain from criticism of fellow providers and their work in any public forum.
  Enhance the role of safety officers training providers of education, training and development in Southern Africa and the international arena.
  Strive at all times to contribute to the sustained growth of and its members.
  Members must adhere to the Institute’s of Safety Officers codes of ethics and Values and Principles.
  Members must seek the express permission of the Institute’s of Safety Officers; when they wish to make use of the “HARD HAT - LOGO” on their uniform and work apparel.
  Not to use the “Hard Hat LOGO” electronically without the express permission of the Institute of Safety Officers. Or the Institute of Safety Officer’s name in vain or misrepresent the intentions of the Institute of Safety Officers.