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Initially formed and registered in 1998 by myself and some dedicated professional persons and bodies; ie Safety Officers; Safety Professionals and individuals who recognizes the need for skills transformation among Safety Officers.
Due to my employment contractual obligation; I have spent most of my working years (HSE) on projects related the building and construction; civil engineering; mining and minerals; structural steel erection and assembly; Hydro Power Plants; Gold Met Plant; Petrochemical (Tanks and pipeline installation); Food Industry (Nestle); Engineering and Workshops; Pulp and Paper sectors; Project Management and EPCM contractors; and currently still serving out my contractual years on a mining project in the DRC Congo/ Africa.
I have come to realise that working safely affects ALL employees/ general assistants; and management staff; and ALL industries; and DOES not AFFECT only one sector; or one industry. Currently some employees and general assistants even continue with their work; jobs; without any formal safety education or training. This is either their management don’t see the benefits of In today’s Occupational Health and Safety industry; some Safety Officer’s lacks certain professional training; and lacks certain technical skills; both (Theory/ Practical); that he will need to use and apply in his given position; and acquire the essential basic grounding of safety rules; legislation; and the “Building Blocks” necessary to enhance one’s Safety Officers career.
I have seen many instances and occasions whereby employees and general assistants; literally take chances; as they do not know better; or they have not been trained. This is where I step in; either to stop and fix; which some requires immediate action and intervention; or start on site workplace coaching and training; most of the time; this is done at our training boardroom on our project site.
Since having born with a passion for working with people from all sectors of the population; both in SA and Africa; I have been implementing various HSE system and accident and incident preventative measures; that is reflected in my outstanding record of accomplishment and level of my working standard.
The Institute was born out of the desire to educate and train; business and company employees; general workers; skilled and unskilled; employed and unemployed; and management staff etc.
I have all the technical aspects and issues; used on most business projects and business operations; and have adopted them to into out training materials; with theory aspect; and a practical component.